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After the execution of Markus Van Houten, three paths become available to you. The paths start at one of three characters. You can safely decline a path once it is offered to you; you will be able to come back if you decide to go for that path.

The Path of the Brigand[edit | edit source]

To choose this path, seek out Kurdt in the pub and beat him at the drinking game. Afterwards, he offers you the task of getting an item off a beast that lives outside the town, along with this path.

The Path of the Rogue[edit | edit source]

This path is available from Ian, whom you can find playing a dice game in the cemetery inside Volksville. After playing the game and suspecting him to be cheating, you will be offered the job to get the blood of the beast outside town along with this path.

The Path of the Sorceror[edit | edit source]

The Sorcerer's path is available from Prospero in the magic shop.